Canadian Football League

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Canadian Football League Week # 11 Picks


Lions Vs Argos

Ray should give the Argos a chance. Close game.

Argos by 2

RedBlacks Vs Als

Two teams who have been up and down all year.

RedBlacks by 4

Bombers Vs Riders

The Riders have won 11 straight in the Classic weekend game and if they have a chance to win
a game soon this is it. Having said this, the Bombers have a real swagger about them not seen in awhile.

Bombers by 4

Eskimos Vs Stamps

Stamps seem unbeatable at home.

Stamps by 10

Argos  Vs Ti-Cats

Argos will be tired in this game.

Cats by 9

Last Week 1-3  Over-All 16-24