Canadian Football League

Friday, October 17, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 17 Picks


Lions Vs Eskimos

Just as we thought last week, the Lions were over confident. Will they regroup
this week and get back on track? The grass surface will give them problems
this week.

Eskimos by 6

Als Vs Argos

This game means nothing to the Als and everything to the Argos. The Don is
still looking for his first win. The natural pick would be the Argos. But two
weeks back, the Als learned a lesson in Hamilton. That is why this should be

Als by 5

Bombers Vs Stamps

Huge game for the Stamps. Big game for the Bombers? Depends on the Argos/Als
game. Winnipeg is the only team the Stamps have not beat this year and they don't
want to lose first place. This one won't be close.

Stamps by 15

Ti-Cats Vs Riders

Hamilton is out of the playoffs, The Riders are fighting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Cross-over.
The cross over would be probably be the best route to take to the Grey Cup but
a sold out home playoff date would mean big $$$ for the Riders. Look for the Riders
to continue the fight for first.

Riders by 17

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 41-19