Canadian Football League

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canadian Football League Week # 2 Picks


Argos Vs Bombers

The Argos will make some mistakes with all the changes. Not a bad start
in their first outing. The Bombers did show some good stuff against
the Ti-Cats but where the Cats coming into the game to confident?

Many this game is the Bombers. It will be a lot closer than expected.

Argos by 4

Stamps Vs Ti-Cats

The Stamps did not look spectacular against the Argos last week and
I do not see the Cats starting the year 0-2.

Ti-Cats by 9

Riders Vs Lions

Good win for the Lions last week. The Riders were very lucky the Als
took the foot off the pedal last week, otherwise it could have been a
blow out. The Riders do well at B.C. Place. But this is not B.C. Place.

Lions by 8

Als Vs Eskimos

Who goes 0-2? Don't bet on the Als. A huge Coaching mistake in not
going for three points at the end of the half last week cost the Als the
game. Tresty won't want to look bad again this week.

Als by 15

Last Week 1-3