Canadian Football League

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Canadian Football League Week # 8 Picks

CFL Week # 8 PICKS

Ti-Cats Vs Bombers

The Bombers by far are the worst team in the league, a week off won't help.

Ti-Cats by 13

Als Vs Eskimos

Back-to-back home game favors the Eskies.

Eskimos by 6

Argos Vs Stamps

Look for the Stamps to blow out the Argos.

Stamps by 18

Riders Vs Lions

Riders always do well at B.C. Place but the Lions are just starting to roll.

Lions by 8

Canadian Football League Week # 7 Picks


Stamps Vs Ti-Cats

Byes can be very different for each team and breaking a bit of Mo for teams.

Stamps by 6

Riders Vs Eskimos

The Riders needed the break to re group.

Riders by 7

Last Week 2-0 Over-All 15-7