Canadian Football League

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canadian Football League Picks

CFL Week # 1 Picks

Als Vs. Ti-Cats

The Ti-Cats will be better this season. The Als will take a step back at least at the start
of the season until the players are more familiar with the new Coaching Staff.
Look for the Cats to start out fast.

Cats by 6

Lions Vs. Stamps

Unlike the Als new Coaching staff, The Stamps have a Coach who played in the league.
This should be the match of the week.

Stamps by 5

Argos Vs. Bombers

The Bombers have some injures to start Stegall, Sheridan,Khan and Duncan I broke my toe
going to the washroom. Glenn looked a little rusty in the pre-season.

Argos by 7

Eskimos Vs. Riders

The Riders will not be anything like last year but the Eskimos have been almost entirely
remade. That will be enough for a Rider victory.

Riders by 12

Predicated Finish


1. Bombers
2. Argos
3. Ti-Cats
4. Als


1. Lions
2. Stamps
3. Riders
4. Eskimos

Grey Cup Lions over Argos

Week #1 Rankings

1. Lions
2. Argos
3. Bombers
4. Stamps
5. Riders
6. Als
7. Ti-Cats
8. Eskimos