Canadian Football League

Friday, August 29, 2008

Canadian Football League Week #10 Picks


Lions Vs Als

The Lions do not seem to be the same team as the last few years. The Als come out strong
but will they be rusty from the bye week? Hard not to pick the class of the east.

Als by 5

Bombers Vs Riders

The Riders 6-2 make changes. Bombers 2-6 don't. Strange. The only question will be
if Bishop has had enough practice to run the offence. He knows the system but is
the chemistry right? How will the release of Crandell affect the team?

Bombers by 4

Eskimos Vs Stamps

The battle of Alberta Part I
Have to give it to the home team.
Stamps by 15

Argos Vs Ti-Cats

Who would thought the Cats would be 2-0 against the Argos this year.
If the Argos drop this one, you can right of the season for them. But they won't.

Argos by 7

Last Week 2-0 Over-All 19-13