Canadian Football League

Friday, October 29, 2010

Canadian Football League Week # 18 Picks


Two back to back weeks bad results.

Als Vs Argos

The game is more important to the Argos standings wise but you
can bet the Als want revenge for losing in Toronto earlier in the year
and the beating they took last week to Hamilton.

Als by 10

Ti-Cats Vs Stamps

Great win for the Cats last week and heart breaker for the Stamps.
The Ti-Cats are not a great road team and the Stamps want to gear
up for the playoffs.

Stamps by 8

Bombers Vs Eskimos

The Bombers will be using a 4th string QB as their starter and
brought in 3 new QB's this week and only one of them has any
CFL experience. The defence maybe good but 0-8 on the road
and no QB is a disaster.

Eskimos by 9

Riders Vs Lions

While the Riders usually play well in Vancouver, the Lions need
to keep up with the Eskimos for a play off birth.

Lions by 4

Last Week 1-3 Over-All 39-25