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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Former Canadian Football League Player Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Former football star Lawrence Phillips was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison, two years after he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

The sentencing was repeatedly delayed while Phillips fought to withdraw a guilty plea in a domestic abuse case that could have led to a stiffer sentence.

Phillips was convicted in 2006 of seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

The 33-year-old former Nebraska running back has been jailed since August 2005, when he drove onto a field near Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and his car struck three boys, ages 14 and 15, and a 19-year-old man, who suffered cuts and bruises. The car narrowly missed three other people, prosecutor Todd Hicks said.

Phillips was allegedly upset after losing a pickup football game to the youths and accused them of stealing some of his possessions.

“When he gets angry and he feels disrespected, he acts out with blind rage,” Hicks said in a telephone interview after the sentencing.

In court, Phillips tearfully apologized to one of the victims.

“I’m sorry that your leg is messed up,” Phillips told Rodney Flores, after hearing the young man tell the court that he was unable to pursue his dream of playing high school sports as a result of being hit when he was 16.

“I’m sorry you have to come in here like this,” Phillips said, adding that he “wanted the chance to say I didn’t mean to hurt people.”

Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli said Phillips should have thought about what he did.

A call to Phillips’ attorney Leslie Ringold was not immediately returned.

Sentencing was delayed while Phillips tried to withdraw a 2000 guilty plea to hitting a woman he had been dating during a confrontation at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the prosecutor said.

The plea stands as a strike against Phillips under California’s “three-strikes” law, which mandates tougher sentences for repeat offenders.

Phillips contended he was coerced into pleading guilty to domestic abuse and making a criminal threat, resulting in a brief prison term and three years of probation.

His attempts to withdraw the plea are continuing, Hicks said.

The St. Louis Rams released Phillips for insubordination in 1997. He signed with the Miami Dolphins, but was later released. In 1999 in NFL Europe, he set league records for rushing and touchdowns with the Barcelona Dragons.

He signed with the San Francisco 49ers later that year, but was released for missing a practice. He also has played in the Canadian Football League.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 15 Picks


Lions Vs Argos

Two teams going different directions. The Argos need a win to stay in the playoff race.
The Lions are looking for first in the West. This could be closer then people think.

Lions by 3

Stamps Vs Riders

The injures to the Riders have taken a toll them. A home game is just what they needed
to get back on track.

Riders by 4

Als Vs Ti-Cats

The Als are looking to wrap up first place and Ti-Cats ?

Als by 9

Bombers Vs Eskimos

The CFL has made suspensions mandatory with fear the Bombers were going
after Ricky Ray for last weeks hit on Kevin Glenn. Both teams are in playoff
races. Cooler heads will prevail. Give the advantage to the home team

Eskimos by 6

Last Week 4-0 Over-all 34-18

Monday, September 29, 2008

Canadian Football League Screws Up Big Time

Wow did Tom Higgins make a huge mess that could lead to a serious incident on Saturday.
Higgins for some reason elected not to protect the league's QB by only giving a fine for
the helmet-to-helmet hit on Kevin Glenn.

He basically announced it is open season on the league Quarterbacks. The Bombers have
already fired the first shot at a potential helmet-to-helmet hit of their own.

Bombers President Lyle Bauer stated that the leagues action only somewhat address
the hit. He also stated that he hopes that the decision made by the league today will
not lead to more hits.

We can't speak for Mr. Bauer but reading between the lines it sure sounds like the
Bombers might be coming after the Eskimos in the re-match.

If the Bombers go after Ricky Ray in a eye for eye case and tooth for a tooth case,
Tom Higgins will be the one responsible for not stopping this early with a suspension.

Action needed to take place. When one team tries to take the other teams star player out
so he can't play in the following weeks rematch, the league has to put a stop to it.
The quarterbacks are the stars of the league and need to be protected.

This sets up for one heck of a rematch on Saturday. Will the Bombers go after Ray
or will they focus on playing football and trying to secure a playoff spot? Let's hope
nothing occurs. This might not end this week either. The Eskimos could end up
playing the Bombers in the cross over playoff game. If the Eskimos were blowing
out the Bombers, who is to say the Bombers won't seek revenge knowing that the
season is coming to a end for them. If anything occurs it will be all on Tom Higgins

Canadian football League Fines Six Players

The CFL has fined six players for their roles in an altercation following a helmet-to-helmet hit on Winnipeg quarterback Kevin Glenn during the Blue Bombers' 30-23 win over the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday night.

Edmonton linebacker Agustin Barrenechea hit Glenn in the final two minutes of the game, resulting in an altercation on the field involving a host of players. Glenn suffered a sore jaw and some concussion-like symptoms.

Barrenechea was fined an undisclosed amount for the hit.

Edmonton defensive lineman Dario Romero was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct while teammate Jason Goss along with Winnipeg's Romby Bryant and Dominic Picard were fined for rough play which resulted in their ejection from the game.

Winnipeg's Cam Hall was also fined for his comments to the media after the game about on the officiating.

"The league has a responsibility and an obligation to protect the players of our game," Lyle Bauer, president and CEO for Winnipeg, said in a statement.

"The type of incident that occurred blatant, helmet-to-helmet contact, which can lead to career-ending injuries for our star athletes has no place on the field. We are very fortunate this incident did not lead to a serious injury to our quarterback, Kevin Glenn.

"The decision made by the league has taken somewhat of a step in that direction."