Canadian Football League

Monday, July 21, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 6 Picks


Bombers Vs Ti-Cats

Hard game to call but the Cats will have the experience of playing at McMaster
the week before.

Cats by 6

Argos Vs Als

Another tough game to call, with two teams who don't like each other.

Argos by 4

Lions Vs Stamps

Could be a battle between the top teams in the West at the end of the year.

Lions by 8

Riders Vs RedBlacks

Riders experience should be the deciding factor.

Riders by 7

Canadian Football League Week # 5 Picks


Stamps Vs Eskimos

The Battle of Alberta should favor the Stamps.

Stamps by 5

Bombers Vs Lions

This one could be a blow out as the Bombers looked awful last week and the Lions
are heading in the right direction.

Lions by 13

RedBlacks Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats have to win some time. May as well be against an expansion team.

Cats by 6

Argos Vs Riders

Who would have thought these teams would be on the bottom.

Riders by 8

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 10-6