Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canadian Football League Week #1 Picks


Als Vs Riders

Do the Riders get their revenge? Maybe, this week but in the end
the Riders are no where near as strong as last season. The Als
have not changed much, which can hurt, just ask the Stamps last season.
Still like the Grey Cup Champs on day 1.

Als by 10

Argos Vs Stamps

The Stamps O-Line is a huge question mark but the Argos whole
team is a question mark. You know, Mr. Barker would love to
win this one in Calgary. Not going to happen.

Stamps by 15

Ti-Cats Vs Bombers

The Cats are going to challenge the Als this year, while the Bombers
offence maybe better this year (has to be) the defence will be weaker.
Weather could play it to this game with thunderstorms and high winds
scheduled to take place.

Ti-Cats by 16

Lions Vs Eskimos

The west is real open this year. Any team could finish first or last this year.
The Eskimos could emerge at the top.
Home team gets the call.

Eskimos by 6