Canadian Football League

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 4 Picks

CFL Week # 4 Picks

Stamps Vs Bombers

The Stamps could easily be 4-0, if not for Jason Tucker's Great TD Catch.
They just have to make sure they don't take the 0-4 Bombers who are last
in defence and offence lightly.
The Bombers are hurting big time. While Bearman and Khan return to the
lineup, The Barrin is out for the season. They have at last count 8 guys out
for the Calgary game. New QB could spark them. They have to win one
this year don't they?

Bombers by 3

Eskimos Vs Ti-Cats

Tough break last week for the Eskimos. They looked like they had he game
locked up. Shades of Milt Stegall's last play TD a few years back.
The Eskimos elected to stay in Southern Ontario for the week.
Will this build chemistry or will they want to strangle each other by the time
they come home? Jessie is expected to play.

Ti-Cats by 6

Als Vs Lions

B.C. is not the same team as the last couple of years but the Als never win

Lions by 10

Argos Vs Riders

Can the Riders go 5-0? Yes only because they are playing the Argos.

Riders by 7

Last Week 3-1 Over-all 8-8