Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canadian Football League Week # 4 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Als

The Ti-Cats 2-1 and battling the Als for first in the East, not many would
bet on that. It is only week 4 and the Als have looked great and will
bring the the Cats back to .500

Als by 15

Argos Vs Bombers

The first of a home and home set. The Bombers have been struggling
on offence but the huge blow up with Arland Bruce III leaves the
Argos in big trouble in this one.

Bombers by 14

Stamps Vs Lions

Who would have thought before the season started these two teams would
both be 1-2. The Stamps are champs and the Lions are on the way down.

Stamps by 3

Eskimos Vs Riders

This game should tell if Eskimos are a bad football team who suffered
two bad defeats and an unconvincing win over he Bombers or if they
were in a mini-slump.

Eskimos by 6

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 5-7