Canadian Football League

Friday, October 31, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 19 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Argos

Must win for the Ti-Cats.

Ti-Cats by 14

Bombers Vs Stamps

The Stamps will probably rest some players but the Bombers
have lost 8 in a row.

Stamps ny 10

Lions Vs Eskimos

The Eskimos should be able wrap second place at home.

Eskimos by 6

Argos Vs Als

The big game of the week. Should be close. Go with the home team.

Als by 3

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 54-19

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 18 Picks


Als Vs RedBlacks

The Als are starting to move on from the AC days and should have no problem this week.

Als b 10

Riders Vs Stamps

Tough game to call as the Stamps have nothing to play for this week.
Still like the home team.

Stamps by 4

Ti-Cats Vs Argos

The Argos are starting to struggle again.

Cats by 7

Lions Vs Bombers

The Bombers have to end this losing streak sometime.

Bombers by 4

Last week 3-1 Over-All 52-17

Friday, October 17, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 17 Picks

CFL Week # 17 PICKS

RedBlacks Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats will have no problem getting back to the winning column this week.

Cats by 13

Als vs Argos

Match of the week. Have to take the home team in this one.

Argos by  4

Stamps Vs Bombers

Things are getting ugly in Winnipeg. Players quitting ( Nic Grigsby) and now playing Calgary
with out Drew Willy.

Stamps by 20

Eskimos Vs Riders

Since Durant went down, the only win for the Riders was against the RedBlacks,
not likely to change this week.

Eskimos by 9

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 49-16

Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 16 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Argos

The Cats have been looking good but all good things come to an end.

Argos by 7

RedBlacks Vs Lions

Absolute must win for the Lions.

Lions by 16

Riders Vs Als

This will be a tough one to call. Go for the home team.

Als by 5

Bombers Vs Eskimos

The Bombers get Nick Moore back and this game will probably decide if they have any
playoff hope left. Could go either way. The odd still say Edmonton.

Eskimos by 6

Last week 2-2 Over-All 45-16

Friday, October 03, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 15 Picks


Bombers Vs RedBlacks

Someday Ottawa has to win again and the Bombers are struggling but the
Bombers playoff lives are on the line.

Bombers by 4

Stamps Vs Riders

Take the Ottawa game away and the Riders only scored 3 points in two games.
They miss Durant.

Stamps by 10

Eskimos Vs Argos

I like the Argos at home and they want to keep pace with the Als.

Argos by 7

Lions Vs Ti-Cats

Big game for the Lions to try and hold off the Bombers for a possible cross over spot.

Lions by 8

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 43-14

Friday, September 26, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 14 Picks


Als Vs RedBlacks

Ottawa has to win sooner or later.

RedBlacks by 5

Riders Vs Eskimos

Great comeback last week by the Riders but this time the are playing Edmonton.

Eskimos by 6

Ti-Cats Vs Bombers

This comes down to if Drew Willy is playing.

Ti-Cats by 8

Lions Vs Stamps

Can't see the Stamps losing two in a row.

Stamps by 5

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 40-13

Friday, September 19, 2014

Canadian Football League Week # 13 Picks


Argos Vs Lions

The Argos looked good last week and the Lions struggled to get by the Bombers who played
the second half with a back up QB.

Argos by 4

Eskimos Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats should be able to sneak by at home.

Cats by 3

Stamps Vs Als

The Stamps waited very late last week, lesson learned or starting fall off?

Stamps by 5

RedBlacks Vs Riders

Despite only scoring 3 points with an unproven back up QB, the Riders
defence alone should get them by the RedBlacks.

Riders by 8

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 37-12