Canadian Football League

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Canadian football League Week # 13 Picks


Riders Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats have won two in a row but the Riders need a win to keep pace in the West.

Riders by 4

Eskimos Vs Argos

Eskimos hurting hoping not drop another one will bounce back this week.

Eskimos by 6

Lions Vs Stamps

Big win for the Lions last week but this is the Stamps.

Stamps by 10

RedBlacks Vs Als

Match of the week goes to the home team.

Als by 5

Last Week 3-1  Over-All 34-15

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 12 Picks


Als Vs Lions

Two teams struggling as of late. Look for the Lions to get back on track this week.

Lions by 17

Riders Vs Bombers

Teams that have a win streak ended (Bombers 5 game) often struggle for a few games, the Bombers however should bounce back this week to split the home and home series.

Bombers by 4

Ti-Cats Vs RedBlacks

Good for the Cats to win a game but the challenge will be hard this week against the Grey cup Champs.

RedBlacks by 12

Stamps Vs Eskimos

This should be another win and sweep of the home and home series for the Stamps.

Stamps by 10

Last week 3-1  Over-All 31-14

Monday, August 28, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 11 Picks


RedBlacks Vs Als

This could be the game of the week. RedBlacks are starting to turn things around.

RedBlacks by 5

Bombers Vs Riders

Look for a split in this home and home series. Go with the home team.

Riders by 4

Eskimos Vs Stamps

Banged up Eskimos will be no match for Stamps.

Stamps by 15

Argos Vs Ti-Cats

Just can't take the Cats until proven different.

Argos by 12

Last Week  4-0  Over-All 28-13

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 10 Picks


Bombers Vs Als

The Bombers could be having a let down after last week's big win but should win a close one.

Bombers by 4

Riders Vs Eskimos

Riders coming of a break should hand the Eskimos a second straight loss.

Riders by 7

Lions Vs RedBlacks

Another loss for Lions? We be close.

RedBlacks by 2

Argos Vs Stamps

This could be the blow out of the week.

Stamps by 15

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 24-13

Monday, August 14, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 9 Picks


Eskimos Vs Bombers

Bombers struggle at home but the Eskimos have to lose sooner or later, right?

Bombers by 4

RedBlacks Vs Ti-Cats

Who would have thought at week 8 the two teams would be a combined 1 win.
Advantage RedBlacks.

RedBlacks by 10

Stamps Vs Lions

Back to back losses for the Lions.

Stamps by 5

Als Vs Argos

Sweep for the Als with Ray down.

Als by 7

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 21-12

Monday, August 07, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 8 Picks


Eskimos Vs RedBlacks

The hard luck RedBlacks deserve a break. This could be the week.

RedBlacks by 8

Argos Vs Als

No Ray, No win.

Als by 10

Bombers Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats improved enough last week to put up a serious challenge this week for the Bombers.

Cats by 3

Lions Vs Riders

Home and home often results in a split series.

Riders by 4

Last Week 3-1  Over-All 19-10

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Canadian Football League Week # 7 Picks


Stamps Vs Argos

Don't expect the Stamps to put up another 60 points this week but they will do enough to beat the Argos this week.

Stamps by 7

Bombers Vs RedBlacks

It will be difficult for the Bombers to repeat the dramatic come back again this week.

RedBlacks by 8

Ti-Cats Vs Eskimos

If the Cats win this week, it might be considered the greatest upset in CFL history.

Eskimos by 23

Riders Vs Lions

Can the Riders win two in a row? It should be close but still take the home team.

Lions by 3

Last Week  3-1  Over-All 16-9