Canadian Football League

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 5 Picks


Riders Vs Ti-Cats

Cats are in a different league and with home field advantage could make the game ugly.

Riders by 16

Lions Vs RedBlacks

The Lions were lucking the Bombers coaches made huge blunders last week, combine that with RedBlacks trying to show last week's disaster was a one time event, this could be lopsided.

Redblacks by 10

Bombers Vs Argos

Bomber coaches have a great deal to prove this week after letting down the players with questionable calls and gambles.

Bombers by 7

Als Vs Stamps

This could be the biggest blow out of the year.

Stamps by 25

Last Week  1-2  Over-All  14-5

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 4 Picks


Stamps Vs RedBlacks

Re-match from a couple weeks a go this time goes to the RedBlacks after the Stamps bye week.

RedBlacks by 5

Argos Vs Eskimos

No chance the Eskimos roll over this week.

Eskimos by 16

Bombers Vs Lions

Normally I like a split in home and home games but the Bombers looked good enough last week to secure the sweep this week.

Bombers by 7

Last Week 3-1  Over-All  13-3

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 4 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Riders

The Riders have something to prove this week after the surprise defeat to the Als last week.

Riders by 7

RedBlacks Vs Als

The RedBlacks are the class of the East.

RedBlacks by 10

Eskimos Vs Argos

The Argos are in big big trouble.

Eskimos by 13

Lions Vs Bombers

Hope field should make the difference in this first of a home and home series.

Bombers by 12

Last 3-1  Over- All 10-2

Monday, June 25, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 3 Picks


RedBlacks Vs Stamps

Could be the game of the week. RedBlacks will challenge but the Stamps are great at home.

Stamps by 10

Bombers Vs Ti-Cats

The Bombers looked amazing last week but they played the Als. The Cats have started well.

Cats by 6

Lions Vs Eskimos

The Eskimos have something to prove after last week.

Eskimos by 19

Als Vs Riders

How ugly will this get?

Riders by 27

Last Week 3-1  Over-All 7-1

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 2 Picks


Riders Vs RedBlacks

RedBlacks will struggle at the start having a bye last week but should squeak out a win.

RedBlacks by 5

Bombers Vs Als

The rain delay helped the Bombers to keep the game closer but they gained some confidence the new QB. Enough to help get a win this week.

Bombers by 7

Ti-Cats Vs Eskimos

On the road again will help the Cats. This could get ugly.

Eskimos by 19

Stamps Vs Argos

The Argos will keep this game closer than most think but in the end, the Stamps will get by.

Stamps by 3

Last week 4-0

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 1 Picks


Eskimos Vs Bombers

This first game could get real ugly with the Bombers lacking an experienced QB

Eskimos by 16

Argos Vs Riders

The Grey Cup champs will have a hard time in noisy Regina.

Riders by 8

Ti-Cats  Vs Stamps

Hard to believe the Cats will be any match for the Stamps.

Stamps by 15

Als Vs Lions

It's possible this game might be the biggest blow out of the week.

Lions by 17

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Canadian Football League Grey Cup Pick


Argos Vs Stamps

Ray is good but the Stamps should last week they can turn it up when needed.

Stamps by 10

Last Week Division Picks 1-1