Canadian Football League

Friday, November 23, 2018

Canadian Football League Grey Cup Pick


This could be a close game. Stamps in third straight final will pre.

Stamps by 5

Last Week 1-1 Playoffs 2-2

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Canadian Football League Division Final Picks


Ti-Cats Vs RedBlacks

The Cats looked very impressive last week at home against the Lions but the RedBlacks have there number this year.

RedBlacks by 8

Bombers Vs Stamps

The Stamps are good at home but with many injuries look for a upset this week.

Bombers by 4

Last Week 1-1  Playoffs 1-1 Regular Season 57-24

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Canadian Football League Divisional Semi-Final Picks

CFL Divisional Semi-Final Picks

Lions Vs Ti-Cats

The Cats are hurting and trending down.

Lions by 4

Bombers Vs Riders

Riders don't seem to know who will be the QB this week. Hard to pick them.

Bombers by 7

Last Week 2-2  Final Regular Season 57-24

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 21 Picks


Argos Vs RedBlacks

Even though the RedBlacks have secured first, they will want to have a strong game before a bye.

RedBlacks by 10

Bombers Vs Eskimos

These meaningless games are real hard to pick. So go with the team heading to the playoffs.

Bombers by 4

Als Vs Ti-Cats

Cats need a win just to get back on track.

Cats by 4

Stamps Vs Lions

Stamps need to end this losing streak and secure first in the West.

Stamps by 5

Last Week  3-1  Over-All 55-22

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 20 Picks


Stamps Vs Bombers

Stamps on a losing streak and Bombers looking to secure play off spot.

Bombers by 5

RedBlacks Vs Ti-Cats

This week in the return match, the Cats get the split.

Cats by 9

Lions Vs Riders

Riders still holding out hope for Divisional Title.

Riders by 4

Argos Vs Als

Re-match favors the home team.

Als by 4

Last week 3-1  Over-All 52-21

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 20 Picks

Ti-Cats Vs RedBlacks

The battle for first place begins. Real toss up. Go for the home team.

RedBlacks by 8

Eskimos Vs Lions

Two teams fighting to make the playoffs, again like the home team.

Lions by 4

Als Vs Argos

Another toss up if anyone cares.

Argos by 6

Riders Vs Stamps

Can't see Stamps losing two in a row at home.

Stamps by 10

Last Week 2-2  Over-All 49-20

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Canadian Football League Week # 19 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Argos

The Cats are the favorites but sometimes a team that has nothing to play for make it close.

Cats by 2

Riders Vs Bombers

The Riders are going for the sweep against the Bombers but the Bombers are playing much better now.

Bombers by 7

RedBlacks Vs Eskimos

Very difficult game to call as the Eskimos have to start turning it around, right?

RedBlacks by 3

Lions Vs Stamps

Normally the Stamps would walk over the Lions but with so many injuries, it could be a toss up.

Stamps by 4

Last Week 4-0  Over-All 47-18