Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Canadian Football League Week # 2 Picks


Bombers Vs Als

It can be hard for teams to win back to back games against the same team but the
Als have home field advantage for this game.

Als by 15

Argos Vs Lions

Most experts feel B.C. will rebound and the Argos will struggle with the time change.
I never understand why people says Eastern team struggle coming out to the West Coast
with the time change but yet the West teams don't struggle going East.

Argos by 7

Stamps Vs Riders

Are to know if the Stamps and Riders were that strong last week or the teams they played
were much weaker.

Riders by 8

Eskimos Vs Ti-Cats

I believe the Eskimos are a weak team and the Cats are building upwards.

Cats by 13

Last Week 3-1