Canadian Football League

Friday, November 02, 2007

Canadian Football League Week # 19 Picks


Als Vs Bombers

This could be a preview of the East Division Semi-Final. The Bombers have the Als
number this year. The weather is not expected to nice. No Tom Canada, Juran Bolden
and Charles Roberts will make difficult for the Blue. Still this game means everything
to them and nothing to the Als.

Bombers by 15

Argos Vs. Riders

The Riders will probably rest a few players and this could be the biggest game of
the year for the Argos if the Bombers win friday. Kent Austin though would love
some revenge by preventing the Argos from finishing first.

Riders by 4

Eskimos Vs Ti-Cats

In game that means nothing in the standings, could still be interesting with guys
fighting for jobs for next season.

Ti-Cats by 6

Stamps Vs. Lions

Another game with not much on the line. The Stamps need a win more then the Lions
do at this point heading into the playoffs.
Stamps by 3

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 49-19


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