Canadian Football League

Friday, October 12, 2007

Canadian Football League Week #16 Picks


Als Vs. Argos

The battle for home field in the playoffs starts tonight. The Argos need to get the
offence on track while the Als need to get the whole team on track.

Argos by 9

Lions Vs. Eskimos

While the Lions are do for a loss, the Eskimos without Ricky Ray have no chance
against the champs.

Lions by 14

Riders Vs. Ti-Cats

This could be an upset in the making but the Riders usual have the Cats number.

Riders by 13

Bombers Vs. Stamps

Har game to call. If Burris is healthy enough then this should be the Stamps
game for the taken. The Bombers have not looked strong since the Banjo Bowl.

Stamps by 5

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 40-16


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