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Friday, October 05, 2007

Canadian Football Week # 15 Picks

CFL Week # 15 Picks

Lions Vs. Bombers

The battle for first in the Canadian Football League. Bombers won the first match in
B.C. Place but this game will be hard to call. Expect cold, wind and possible rain.
That should be to the Bombers advantage. However the blue and gold have not
exactly been on fire as of late.

Lions by 5

Eskimos Vs. Argos

No Ray. That should make this an easy game for the Argos. Look for a good
effort on defence from the Eskimos. This will be closer then expected.

Argos by 4

Ti-Cats Vs. Als

Even though Hamilton has improved, the Als will bounce back at home.

Als by 10

Riders Vs. Stamps

Can the Stamps find a way to win without Burris?
Not this week.

Riders by 7

Last Week 4-0 Over-All 36-16


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