Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Canadian Football League Week #4 Picks


Bombers Vs. Als:
Armstrong and Brazzell are back for the Blue and Stickland is out for the Als.
Glenn could have a field day.

Bombers by 10

Ti-Cats Vs. Lions:
3-0 vs 0-3. Dickenson may be out but they are the Grey Cup Champs

Lions by 13

Riders Vs. Eskimos:
The Green Riders came back down last week and Eskimos were able to hold off and
injury depleted Bombers team. This could be the game of the week. Hard to call.

Eskimos by 4

Argos Vs. Stamps:
The re-match without Bishop. Just how bad are the Stamps? This should be the game
that sets the standard for the rest of the season. On paper they have a powerful
offence. On the field?

Stamps by 5

Last Week 3-1 Over-all 8-4


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