Canadian Football League

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Week #1 Canadian Football League Picks

Canadian Football League Week #1 Picks

Lions Vs. Argos
The Grey Cup champs open the first week in Toronto with many return players.
Are the Lions as hungary as last year? If Allen starts at QB, he will want to show
he can still play. As a result we will see the first upset of the season.

Argos by 5

Bombers Vs. Eskimos

Will Stegall break the record tonight? The Bombers have no QB behind Glenn.
They better pray he can go the distance. The ex-Bombers Baggs, Warner,
Samuels all have a bone to pick with the Bombers GM. However so many
changes could take awhile to gel.

Bombers by 7

Riders Vs. Als
Both teams have many changes. The Riders for cap reasons. Is Cavillo still on
top of his game? Can Popp actually Coach? Look for another upset

Riders by 8

Ti-Cats Vs. Stamps

The Cats will better this year but this could be a big blow out. The Stamps have
to much experience.

Stamps by 15


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