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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canadian Football League Week # 3 Picks

CFL Week#3 Picks

Stamps Vs. Argos:

Every year you think this has to be the worst schedule made and then the league does it again.
The Stamps played sunday night in Regina and have just three days in between games and
play tonight (thur) again in Toronto. Two road games to boot. The Argos are into week 3
with out leaving home. Home game, then down road to Hamilton and home again. Not exactly
making it easy on the Stamps. If the Stamps pull this one out, full credit to them.

Argos by 12

Eskimos Vs. Bombers:

Rematch from the first week. You would think the Bombers would be the team to beat,
think again. No Armstong on offence, which means Stegall will be covered tight. The Bombers
defence is a mess with a new look backfield with all the injures. Ray put up 39 points and
will have a field day against these guys unless the front seven can put the pressure on.

Eskimos by 6

Lions Vs. Riders:
Battle for first. Should be the game of the week. Are the Riders for real?

Riders by 8

Als Vs. Ti-Cats:

Will the Cats finally get a TD? Just can't see the Als going 0-3. In the battle for last go with?

Als by 10

Last Week 3-1 Over-all 5-3


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