Canadian Football League

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Canadian Football League Division Semi-Final Picks

Bombers Vs. Argos

The Bombers won 2 out of 3 meetings between the teams but have a QB with a ankle sprain
and DT (Doug Brown) with a bad shoulder. The Argos are in a mini-slump at home.
Charles Roberts has big games against the Argos but it will be how Glenn plays that will
decide this game. Very Hard game to call.

Bombers by 4

Riders Vs. Stamps

The Stamps are very solid at home (8-1) but are comming off a bye. The Riders are a hit
and miss team. This will be Danny B's last game as a Rider Coach.

Stamps by 7

Last Week 2-1 Final Regular Season Record 43-29


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