Canadian Football League

Friday, October 20, 2006

Canadian Football League Week #19 Picks

Riders Vs. Argos

The Argos are in a battle for first place. The Riders are just trying to
stay healthy and prepare for the Stamps in two weeks.

Argos by 12

Eskimos Vs. Als

The Eskimos will be trying players for next year while the Als want to
stay on pace with the Argos for first.

Als by 15

Stamps Vs. Bombers

Depending how the Argos and Als games go, the Bombers have to win their last
two games for a shot at a home playoff game. Then Stamps are just waiting
for the Riders in two weeks. Last time out, the Stamps destroyed the Bombers
in Calgary. The Bombers should get some revenge.

Bombers by 10

Ti-Cats Vs. Lions

Just a workout for the Lions.

Lions by 23

Last Week 3-1 Overall 39-26


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