Canadian Football League

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Canadian Football League Week #20 Picks

Riders Vs. Eskimos

In a game that means nothing, the Riders will be resting players. The Eskimos would
like to end the year on a positive note.

Eskimos by 9

Als Vs. Argos

Huge game. Neither team showed anything last week against teams who had nothing
to play for. Tough to call. Because they are at home,

Argos by 12

Bombers Vs. Lions
Should the Argos beat the Als in the afternoon game, the Bombers with a win against
the Lions would secure a cold November home playoff game. Stegall needs 2 TD's
to break the all time TD record, these should be reasons for the Bombers to win.
The Bombers have a great road record and have defeated every team this year
but B.C. All this should say Bomber win. Key word is should.

Lions by 13

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 41-28


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