Canadian Football League

Friday, September 19, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 13 Picks


Bombers Vs Ti-Cats

The Hall of Fame Game as well as the passing of CFL legend Ron Lancaster should give
the Cats plenty of inspiration to pick up a win. The Bombers have yet to win two in a row.
The question is will they get on a roll?

Bombers 13

Argos Vs Stamps

The Argos have looked awful the last couple of games. The Stamps are usually solid
at home. This could get ugly quick.

Stamps by 22

Lions Vs Riders

The Riders swept two from the Bombers, now it's the Lions turn.

Lions by 8

Eskimos Vs Als

The Als may not have looked great last week but the Eskimos did not exactly
light it up against the Cats last week either.

Als by 12

LastWeek 3-1 Over-All 26-18


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