Canadian Football League

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 8 Picka


Short week this week, with byes to West teams.

Ti-Cats Vs Bombers

This game is big for both teams. The Cats want to prove that they can beat someone
other then the Argos. The Bombers have to win or the season is over for them.

Being this game could be Berry's last chance, it should be the Bombers having a
big day against the Cats

Bombers by 14

Als Vs Argos

The Als are a decent team and score quick. For the them to beat the Argos, they
will have to continue to do the same. The Argos are fragile and going down early
might lead to a blow out for the second straight week for the Als.

Als by 10

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 15-13


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