Canadian Football League

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 11 Picks


Stamps Vs Eskimos

Very difficult for a team to sweep both games of a back-to-back series in the Cfl.
Even with the Eskimos at home.

Stamps by 5

Lions Vs Ti-Cats

Hard to play to two straight games out East. The Cats need to beat some other then the Argos.
Does this mean a Hamilton victory? Yes

Ti-Cats by 3

Argos Vs Als

The Als held off the Lions at the very end. The Argos just hope to be in this at the end.

Als by 15

Riders Vs Bombers
Wow, No Roberts. Will that make he difference. Nope but what will is the new injuries
at receiver for the Riders. It might be another dull game but this one belongs to Winnipeg.

Bombers by 12

Last Week 2-2 Over-All 21-15


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