Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Canadian Football League Week # 3 Picks


Wow, what a week. 0-4. It is still early and most teams have yet to click on all sides
of the ball. Okay here we go.

Stamps Vs. Als

The Als sure looked great in the first half last week. What happened in he second half.
How did they let the Bombers back in the game? The Stamps could easily be 2-0,
except for some last moment heroics by Jason Tucker. The Stamps are better at home
then on the road. The Stamps have some game film to see what the Bombers did different
in the second half against the Als. That should help

Stamps by 5

Argos Vs Eskimos

So Kerry Joseph is calling his own plays and Bishop was placed on waivers. Will this
stop the chaos? Nope but it won't matter this week.

Argos by 7

Lions Vs Bombers
0-2 vs 0-2, who would have guessed. No Joe Smith for the Lions, will hurt.
The Lions and Bombers will probably split this home and home series.
So give this one o the home team.

Bombers by 8

Riders Vs Ti-Cats

Can the third string QB lead the Riders to a victory? He did coming of the bench.
But as a starter? Maybe but only if the Riders defence drives the Ti-Cats offence
with quick 2 and outs. This is the toss up of the week.

Riders by 4

Last week 0-4 Over-All 3-5


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