Canadian Football League

Friday, July 28, 2006

Canadian Football League Week # 7 Picks

Bombers vs. Ti-Cats:
Will Maas play or not? If he plays, they probably win. If not, don't bet on it.
The Bombers are 4-2 and the Ti-Cats are 1-5. On paper it looks like the Bombers.
However combined these teams have 7 losses and 5 are to the Als.
With Maas out, Take the Bombers by 13

Als vs. Eskimos:
The Grey Cup champs are hurting after last weeks big melt down and have yet
to show they will repeat. You have to figure the Als will lose sooner or later.
They get the chance to play someone other then Hamilton or Winnipeg.
Take the Als by 10

Lions vs. Argos:
The Argos get a chance to come home but injuries are taking their toll on Pinball's team.
Lions destroyed the Argos back in June and will do so again.

Lions by 17

Stamps vs. Riders:
Rider fans have Rolling Stones tickets on their mind but the Rider D-line better have
Burris on their mind as he just loves to make the Riders pay. This is a tough call.
Give the slight advantage to the Riders at home. Riders by 3

Last week 2-2 Over-all 10-12


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