Canadian Football League

Friday, July 14, 2006

Canadian Football League Week # 5 Picks

Stamps vs. Ti-Cats:

Greg Marshall out Ron Lancaster in. Will that be enough to give the Cats their first win?
Probably not. Coaching changes during the season seldom work. The Stamps seemed to
get the offence in gear last week as well.

Take the Stamps by 15

Riders vs. Lions:
Another meeting between these teams. The Lions have some injury problems and the Riders
have the Kenton Keith issue hanging over them. All leads up to a Lions win.

Take the Lions by 12

Als vs. Bombers:
The battle for first in the east. The Don vs. The Doug. The game of the week.
The Bombers almost pulled off the first meeting in Montreal until a 4th quarter melt down.
This time The Bombers will finish.
The Bombers by 5

Last week 1-3 Over-all 8-7


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