Canadian Football League

Friday, October 23, 2009

Canadian Football League Week # 17 Picks


Ti-Cats Vs Argos

The Cats have not been on a hot streak but most games have been close.
The Argos are out. Hamilton should destroy the Argos, right?
This one could be a upset. Still have to bet on the Cats.

Ti-Cats by 6

Eskimos Vs Stamps

The Eskimos did not look great last week against the Argos.

Stamps by 10

Als Vs Bombers

Will AC play? Even if he plays, look for the upset.

Bombers by 10

Lions Vs Riders

Will Casey play? Riders fought hard last week. The tie was a moral victory.

Riders by 7

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 40-20


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