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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Als Want Part Of Canadian Football League Game Replayed

The Montreal Alouettes are filing an official protest with the CFL following several officiating decisions that they believe cost them a road game against the B.C. Lions on Friday.

General Manager Jim Popp wants the league to reinstate a fourth-quarter touchdown scored by Avon Cobourne and order both teams to replay the final minute of the game.

The Als lost the game 19-12 but the game would have been tied had Cobourne's touchdown and a potential extra point been allowed.

Popp tells RDS sports channel that a do-over wouldn't be difficult from a logistical standpoint given that B.C. is travelling to Montreal for a weekend game at Molson Stadium.

Popp says that if the league doesn't want replay the game, it could simply declare the result invalid and award a point to each team.

Disputed finish

An officiating error forced the Als to make three attempts at running a third-down play from the Lions' 8-yard line with one minute remaining. Montreal was trailing 19-12 at the time.

Two of the plays, including the one where Cobourne scored, did not count but Director of Officiating Tom Higgins later admitted off-field supervisors made a blatant error.


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