Canadian Football League

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canadian Football League Week # 7 Picks


Stamps Vs Eskimos

The first of three meetings in five weeks between the two teams.
The Stamps have been at home for a couple of weeks and have not looked great.

Eskimos by 6

Lions Vs Argos

Over one year since the Argos have won at home. They have to win some time. right?
New starting QB will either lift them or destroy them, the question is which one?

Lions by 12

Als Vs Bombers

Will the Als be over confident after shutting out the Argos? Probably not.

But on a wild guess

Bombers by 4

Ti-Cats Vs Riders

The Riders get back on track. End of story.

Riders by 17

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 12-12


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