Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canadian Football League Week # 5 Picks


Als Vs Eskimos

This should be a interesting one. The Als destroyed the Eskimos last time they played
in Montreal. They are still unbeaten. The Eskimos picked up a big win last week
to break their mini slump and have revenge on their minds. This would be the time
to pick a team to beat the Als but as the saying goes, never beat against a streak.

Als by 3

Lions Vs Ti-Cats

Another re-match. The Cats were the surprise a few weeks back at B.C. Place.
The Lions were just awful last week. The Cats picked up Arland Bruce which
could either be the final piece of the puzzle to challenge for the Cup or it
could be the straw that breaks the camels back with all of Arland Bruce's
me me attitude. Which will it be?

Lions by 6

Bombers Vs Argos

The second part of a home and home series. The Argos have removed a distraction
in Arland Bruce. The Bombers put on on one of the worst offensive performances
in recent history and elected to bring in ex Argo Bishop to correct it.
This should lead to a Argo win, right? Will go with change working.
Bombers by 7

Riders Vs Stamps

The Grey Cup champs are on a roll up and the Riders on a roll down.
Enough said.

Stamps by 1o

Last Week 3-1 Over-All 8-8


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