Canadian Football League

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canadian Football League Week # 1 Picks


Argos vs. Ti-Cats

A new year and new attitude. The Ti-Cats have been saying that for years.
The key is how they start the season. If the Cats can get on a roll early,
maybe just maybe they could be loking at second place in the East.

The Argos ???? It will take a few games to tell.

Ti-Cats by 13

Als Vs Stamps

So what has changed since the Grey Cup. Not a great deal.
Two teams content with what they got.
Time will tell if standing still was the right call.
We will go with the champions.

Stamps by 5

Bombers Vs Eskimos

Both teams made tons of changes. You will need a program for this
game. The Bombers are a complete over haul. The Bombers need
the win more than the Eskimos as they start the season playing
6 out of 9 on the road. They fall back early and they could be done.

Bombers by 7

Lions Vs Riders

The Lions have lost quite a number of key cogs and the Riders
have been dealing with the Eric Tillman PR disaster and a non
proven starting QB. Another mystery for this one.

Riders by 8

This year 0-0 Last year 51-21


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