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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Canadian Football League Week #2 Picks


What a week to start the season. All four rookie CFL Coaches win their first games in the
league against vet coaches. Well, I was wrong about the Ti-Cats. Figured they would
turn the ship around but that defence was awful combined with no offence and special
teams, this could be another very long season for Tabbies fans. We did get the Argo game
right by 7 points exactly.

Ti-Cats Vs Argos

Cats have not won in TO in a very long time. The only way this games is even close,
is if the Argos decided they have better things to do. Doubt it.

Argos by 17

Stamps Vs Eskimos

While Hamilton looked awful last week, the Eskimos were not much better. Too many
changes to be a serious threat this year. Home field will help, maybe?

Stamps by 10

Bombers Vs Als

Was Montreal that good last week or was Hamilton that bad? Bombers are hurting
with 3/5 th of starting O-Line not dressing Picard,Khan and Sheridan. No Stegall
yet and new kicker Sena cost them in the punting department. The Bombers could
use this win, with a home and home series up net with B.C.
This should be the game of the week.

Bombers by 2

Riders Vs. Lions

The Grey Cup Champs have won 5 out of the last 6 games at B.C. Place but Wally B
will not let his team go 0-2 with the Winnipeg series next.

Lions by 12

Last Week 3-1


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