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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Former Canadian Football League QB looking forward to fist camp with Jacksonville

Kerwin Bell couldn't contain the excitement in his voice.

Months of dealing with the necessary minutiae of college football as well as with more crucial aspects, like recruiting, Bell finally gets to watch Jacksonville University play some football as the Dolphins open their first spring practice under Bell today.
"[The coaches] were talking about getting to practice this morning," Bell said. "It seems like we've been in the office for a year as far as recruiting and all the other things. But it's always fun to do what we love to do and that's getting out on the field."
JU will practice 14 times over the next month leading up to the spring game on April 21.
Bell and the JU coaching staff, which has seven new coaches not including Bell, will focus on installing a new offense and defense.
Under Steve Gilbert, Bell's predecessor, the Dolphins ran a no-huddle, multiple offense. But Bell, a former Florida quarterback, will use a spread offense that is heavily dependent on the passing game.
"Getting our guys comfortable with the system and getting them to react is going to be the key this spring," he said. "If you have to think, you're going to be a step too slow."
Bell won't be spoon-feeding his team.
In several seasons in the NFL and CFL, Bell ran several different offensive systems, learning many of them on the fly. And that is how he expects the Dolphins player to learn now.
"We're going to throw a lot at them and see what sticks," Bell said. "We'll see who picks things up and then we'll go back after a week or so and get more detailed."


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