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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Former Canadian Football League Coach up for U of H defensive coordinator job

It is too bad for Jeff Reinebold that absentee ballots are not allowed in choosing the next University of Hawai'i defensive coordinator for football.
Reinebold, UH's defensive line coach, and Greg McMackin are considered to be the finalists to succeed Jerry Glanville, who resigned to become Portland State's head coach.
Yesterday, Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders, strongly endorsed Reinebold's candidacy.
"Jeff is a hell of a football coach," said Ryan, who is spending part of this working vacation as a consultant for the Warriors.
Ryan first met Reinebold several years ago, when Reinebold was a head coach in the Canadian Football League.
"I've kept in touch ever since," Ryan said. "I've learned a lot of football from Jeff."
Last month the Raiders invited Reinebold to interview for the job as special teams coordinator.
"We tried to get Jeff hired in Oakland," Ryan said. "We wanted him. He had the job. He just didn't have the heart to leave Hawai'i. He just couldn't leave Hawai'i. I understand that."


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