Canadian Football League

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Canadian Football League Grey Cup Pick

Lions Vs. Als

B.C. is hands down the favorite. CanMontreal beat B.C. ? Nope. Can B.C. lose to Montreal? Yep.
The only way the Als take the title is by B.C. being a little too confident. That was the case in
2001 for 14-4 Blube Bombers against the 8-10 Stamps who needed a win in the final game
of the season just to make the playoffs. The next year they didn't even make the playoffs.
The same goes for last year champs(Eskimos) who didn't make the playoffs this year. So
anything could happen. However we will play if safe and take the Lions by 18

Last Week 1-1
Over-All Playoffs 1-3


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