Canadian Football League

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Canadian Football League Week # 16 Picks

Als Vs. Bombers

The fourth match of the season between these teams. Als lead 2-1 but are riding
a six game losing streak and have lost all confidence.

Bombers by 12

Lions Vs. Ti-Cats

A Hamilton and they are officially done. B.C. is battling for 1st. This one should be
easy to call.

Lions by 13

Stamps Vs. Argos
Last week was a blow out for the Stamps. Any reason to think this week should be
any different in the re-match? Just one, the Stamps are not exactly a road team.
Still take the Stamps by 5

Eskimos Vs. Riders
This will not even be close.
Riders by 17

Last Week 2-2 Over-all 34-20


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