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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Will Canadian Football League team fold?

From TSN:The Renegades' 2006 CFL season may be in doubt as the Ottawa Citizen reports that owner Bernie Glieberman could pull the plug on his financial support of the team.
The paper adds that the fate of the team will be determined during a high-level meeting in Toronto next week.
According to the Citizen, Glieberman has been deliberating over his continued financial support of a team that is losing money and no longer includes his son Lonnie on the staff.
Lonnie Glieberman resigned from running the day-to-day operations of the team less than a year into his second stint in the job. He is keeping the President's title, but in name only.
The paper also says Bernie Glieberman is wondering whether minority owner Bill Smith is prepared to fund his share of losses this season after Glieberman assumed the team's entire $3.8-million shortfall in 2005.

With four straight seasons without a playoff berth, the team's season ticket base is down to 2,000 subscribers. The club ranked last in the CFL in average attendance last season at 18,490 per game


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