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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Glieberman resigns as President of Canadian Football League Gades

Lonie Glieberman's second time around in Ottawa was brief.
CBC Sports
Lonie Glieberman lasted less than a year as president in his second tenure in Ottawa. Glieberman resigned as president of the Ottawa Renegades on Thursday, less than one year into his second stint in the job.
Glieberman became president of the CFL club last May when his father, Detroit-area businessman Bernie Glieberman, bought the team. He owned the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1991-93.
The Ottawa Sun reported in its Thursday edition that the team had contacted former Toronto Argonauts president Bob Nicholson. Nicholson, who currently works for the Washington Nationals, also spent 17 years in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.
Glieberman's resignation comes after several weeks of controversy around the club. Earlier this week, new head coach John Jenkins lashed out at team consultants John Lisowski and Phil Kershaw at a news conference.
It has been reported that the consultants recommended to Bernie Glieberman the removal of his son and general manager Forrest Gregg.
Gregg, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who has coached in the NFL and CFL, appeared to forget the name of starting quarterback Kerry Joseph in an Ottawa radio interview earlier this month.
Gregg coached under the Gliebermans when they owned the short-lived Shreveport Pirates CFL franchise in the mid 1990s.
Lonie Glieberman courted controversy with the Rough Riders by firing general manager Dan Rambo and bringing in former NFL great Dexter Manley, who was then struggling with drug addiction.
In his second tenure, Glieberman tried to lure a younger crowd to Renegade games by running a Mardi Gras promotion where males were given beads to hand out to women, who have traditionally earned the trinkets in such contests by baring their breasts.


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