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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ottawa sells nearly 6,000 Canadian Football League season tickets in one day

The Ottawa Renegades sold nearly 6,000 discounted season tickets Saturday, shattering the CFL club's sales goal by over 40 per cent and more than doubling its number of season-ticket holders.
The Renegades expected to sell about 4,000 tickets at a discounted price of $99, but instead sold 5,836 - with exact online sales still to be added.
The average attendance at Renegades home games dropped slightly from 23,378 in 2003 to 23,050 last year, a number an outgoing club executive described as inflated.
When Detroit businessman Bernie Glieberman, and his son, Lonie, returned to Ottawa for the second time as majority owners of the club earlier this month they vowed to increase ticket sales.
"Today was an unbelievable success for our organization," Lonie Glieberman said. "This sale will help make the stadium a fun, exciting place to be - which was one of our mandates since taking over the team just a few weeks ago."
Prior to Saturday's promotion, the Renegades had just 5,000 season-ticket holders.
Ottawa's first home game is Canada Day against the Montreal Alouettes.
"We wanted today to have a real positive momentum builder heading into our home opener, and we accomplished that beyond what we could have even imagined," Lonie Glieberman said. "As our new management group continues to move forward and work toward success in Ottawa, today could not have been better as a start to invigorate a solid fan base."


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