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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ottawa expecting small Canadian Football League crowd

Frank Clair Stadium will be less than half full when the Renegades play their one and only pre-season home game tonight.
Team president Lonie Glieberman figures between 10,000-12,000 fans will show up to see Ottawa host the Montreal Alouettes, despite the fact all tickets can be purchased on site for a $15 flat fee that includes a $3 city surcharge.
"We expect a small crowd," Glieberman said for what he referred to as an organizational "walk through" in preparation for the Canada Day home opener against Montreal. "It's early, and our focus mostly is on the season pass sale."
That would be the one-day only (June 25) promotion that will see season tickets available for $99, an offer Glieberman hopes will boost the team's committed support group from 5,000 to at least 9,000.
While the season-ticket count is still low, Glieberman said corporate sponsorship is going well.
Those in attendance tonight, meanwhile, will include majority owner Bernie Glieberman and minority owner Brad Watters, who will be arriving from Detroit and Toronto, respectively.
The primary videoboard will not be set up and operating until the July 1 opener, although the scoreboard and time clock will be working.
Lonie Glieberman will soon release details on a second plan to bring fans back to the stadium. Most bench seats --those not located between the 40 yard lines -- will be available this season for $25 (taxes include) when purchased at Frank Clair Stadium.
While there will be a number of people attending the game tonight with free tickets either obtained through local media outlets or from season-ticket holders, Glieberman said starting July 1 there will "virtually be no papering" of the house.
"Next year," he added, "we're going to simplify things and give fans a good price."


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