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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Canadian Football League Street Poles?

Promotional banners will be hung on poles along Wilson Street
The gold and black colours of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats may be coming to a street pole near you.
The privately owned football club wants to put fabric banners advertising the Ticats on every second street pole on Wilson Street from Rosseau Street to Halson Street.
The Ticat banners will replace the existing Ancaster banners starting March 1 and stay up until the football season concludes in November.
Walter Buchko, chair of Village Core Advisory Committee said, the 10-member committee was initially hesitant about allowing the installation of the banners.
"We want to maintain our own identity in Ancaster. At first look, this goes against that goal, but in reality we are part of the larger city and we can draw on the positives and the strengths," said Mr. Buchko.
In exchange for allowing the Ticats to promote their organization, Ancaster will get to advertise the village core business community on the Tiger-Cat's website, in the club's yearbook and on the scoreboard.
The Village Core Advisory Committee will also receive up to 200 tickets for games, one appearance to promote Ancaster on CHML and a celebrity guest (football player, cheerleader or mascot) to appear at community events.
Mr. Buchko said the committee decided to accept the deal because the banners will not be on every pole and there will be no cost to the city.
In what Mr. Buchko described as a "generous package," the Ticats will be responsible for putting up their gold, black and maroon banner, taking down and storing the Ancaster banner and then putting them back up.
But ultimately, Mr. Buchko said what sold the committee was Bob Young, the new owner of the football club.
"Bob Young came home to his roots in Ancaster. He has done an amazing job turning around the organization and has put so much out. It's tough to look at that and say no," said Mr. Buchko.
Bob Young returned to Hamilton after making his fortune in the computer industry. In October 2003, Mr. Young bought the Ticats.
Each banner will have the word "Ticats" emblazoned down the centre along with the team logo and the organization's website adress. Mr. Buchko said he knows other people in Ancaster may be less than enthusiastic about the new banners.
"I hope we don't offend people. I know some will look at it and say it's not the right thing. But we will be able to promote the village core through no cost to ourselves and we have no funds to do this."
The city's public works department is currently reviewing the proposal. The former Town of Ancaster appointed the Village Core Advisory Committee prior to amalgamation. Members are residents, property owners and members of the business community. Mr. Buchko said the Town created the group serves in place of a Business Improvement Area, which exists in Dundas. The group advises city council on issues that impact Wilson Street between the Ancaster Old Mill Restaurant and Halson Street.


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