Canadian Football League

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Canadian Football League Week # 3 Picks


Riders Vs Argos

Can it be 3-0 for the Riders? Possible, this could be the marquee game of the week.
Still like the home team.

Argos by 7

Stamps Vs Als

Kevin Glenn gets the call for the Stamps. The big question is the 1-1 Als the team we saw
the first two weeks or are they ready to get back on track. This is a tough game to call.
If the Als go down in this game, expect a long season for them. A very early turning point.
Right now give AC the benefit of the doubt.

Als by 5

Bombers Vs Ti-Cats

Was the Bombers D that good last week, Als offence that bad or a combination?
This will be interesting to see how they do against a different team. Must win for Cats,
don't want to fall to 0-3.

Cats by 6

Lions Vs Eskimos

The Lions looked much better compared to week 1, so did the Eskimos.
Like the visiting team in this one.

Lions by 8

Last Week 1-3 Over-All 4-4


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