Canadian Football League

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canadian Football League Week #7 Picks


Eskimos Vs Als

Eskimos stayed in Winnipeg to practice this week.
Team bonding is good but the injuries are going to cost them.

Als by 10

Stamps Vs Riders

The Stamps are back for the second time in three weeks.
The Riders will be in big trouble if they drop another one to Calgary.

Stamps by 3

Argos Vs Ti-Cats

Battle of Ontario. Must win time for Argos.
Are the Cats a streaky team? Few L's, followed by a few W's.
Will see this week if the rebound or head for another losing streak.

Cats by 9

Bombers Vs Lions

The Lions are still angry over the missed called in Winnipeg that stopped
a B.C. drive late in the fourth quarter.
The Bombers have taken their focus off football with all their Swaggerville
comments. They have to win this week to back-up all the talk or LaPolice
will have to put his foot down. This is the game of the week.

Lions by 8

Last Week 4-0 Over-all 10-14


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