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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holland hopes to land in Canadian Football League

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His football journey, the one he hopes leads to the NFL, is about to take Justin Holland to Winnipeg.
So what does he know about the city he's about to call home?
"Nothing. They say it's cold. They say it's windy. That's about it."
OK, so Winnipeg isn't exactly what he had in mind. But after a career at CSU defined more by injuries than accomplishments, Holland was grateful for the opportunity when the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers came calling.
"I've never doubted my abilities," Holland said. "I just had some unfortunate things happen to me in college that didn't allow me to reach my full potential. I have a feeling I'll get another chance in the NFL. But if I have to stay in the CFL for a while, I will."
Holland was cut by the Dolphins last year and wasn't signed after a tryout with the 49ers. After passing on a chance to play Arenaball, he kept working out in Denver and waited for the phone to ring.
The good news is he still has the strong arm that made him one of the most highly touted prep quarterbacks ever from Our State. And nothing is more important in the Canadian game, with its extra-wide field, 20-yard end zones and 12 players a side, than a quarterback with a big arm.
"It's a different game, but it's set up for a guy like me," he said. "It's my natural progression. I didn't have anything but my senior year in college. This is a step up from college and a step under the NFL. I need to go up there and compete and prove I can play." ...


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