Canadian Football League

Friday, June 16, 2006

This weeks Canadian Football League games

Here is our week #1 Picks.
Bombers vs. Als
You have to take Montreal at home. The Bombers have a new Coach and new system in
place. This will take time. One of two things could occur. The Als blow-out the Bombers.
(which is most likely) or the Bombers squeak one out. Will play it safe and says the Als
by 17 points.

Riders vs. Lions.
The Riders have pretty much rebuilt the offence. B.C. more or less is the same team.
The Riders tend to play well in Vancouver. Take Riders by 3 points.

Ti-Cats vs. Argos

Hamilton will be a better team this year. But they don't have enough to beat the Argos
who are at home. The Argos by 7

Esk's vs. Stamps
The battle of Alberta. The Champions have to many changes on the o-line. Look for the
Stamps to set the tone early in this one. Stamps by 13


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