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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Canadian Football League issues statement

Toronto, Ontario - (October 31, 2005) - In a statement today, the Canadian Football League confirmed information provided in League media interviews over the weekend with respect to the CFL's policies and practices on Body Substance Precautions (BSP). Speaking to the issue Commissioner Tom Wright noted, "Common to most professional sports organizations, the CFL and each of its member clubs adhere to a universal set of medical standards, including specific practices for BSP, to ensure the safety of its players and personnel. The protocol seeks to prevent against the transmission of infectious agents between players, body substances and medical staff. The protocol is also meant to establish a standard acceptable level of treatment league-wide in this matter so that players and game officials can be assured of receiving the same level of treatment in each CFL stadium." Body Substance Precaution protocols are communicated to all team media staff involved with direct and indirect player care.
With respect to the charges brought against Trevis Smith on Friday, Commissioner Tom Wright confirmed that the League has been in close communication with the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization and assured of full cooperation with local authorities. The Commissioner confirmed, however, that it would be inappropriate to provide further comment specific to the Trevis Smith situation while it is before the courts.


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