Canadian Football League

Monday, September 12, 2005

Canadian Football League player knows where home is

Kick-returner Ezra Landry of the Montreal Alouettes, a native of New Orleans, has been reunited with his family after hurricane Katrina, Radio-Canada's all-news channel RDI reported Sunday.
Landry and his parents, grandmother and aunts and uncles were in the community of Lancaster, near Dallas, at his uncle Lionel's house, RDI said.
His parents' home and the homes of his extended family and their hair salon in New Orleans were in the flood zone and the family is worried their insurance won't cover all of the damage, the all-news channel said.
Landry got permission from the Alouettes to go to Dallas on Sept.1.
''I went through a practice but I wasn't focused like I normally am,'' Landry told RDI.
Landry said he finally got through to his mother, Rose, and knew things weren't going well.
''I could hear in my mother's voice that everything wasn't OK at the time,'' he said.
Landry told RDI that ''Montreal has the best football fans in Canada.''
''It's a great town. I love the fans.''
But New Orleans is still in his heart.
''I'm going back, New Orleans is my home.''


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